Here you will find all the opportunities available within our research group. We welcome applications for both doctoral and post doctoral research projects. Please see below for available funding routes.

Post Doctoral Research Positions

We do not currently have any positions of this type available.

PhD Opportunities

How to apply?

To submit and application (advertised or proposed), please ensure to do so through the EUCLID system and select the position you wish to apply for.

Here is a list of documents that will be required in order to apply:

  • Two academic references
  • Degree certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • CV
  • Project research proposal
  • In the case of english second language: an IELTS language certificate (for more information, click here)

PhD Funding Routes

Before applying for university funding, please ensure that you have been offered a position. Here are some useful links for potential funding bodies:

Other Examples:

About studentships:

At present time, studentships are only available for UK applicants. Studentships are meant to cover living expenses and UK university tuition rates only. For overseas students, there is the highly competitive Scotish Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (SORSAS) which pays the difference between the tuition fees paid by UK and Overseas students. However, overseas students still have to pay the UK tuition fees, which is why we encourage them to look at other sources of funding like the ones listed above.

Summer Internships

If you are an undergraduate or a A level student interested in spending time doing research in our lab then please contact us.

Research Visits

Please contact us here.